Alexis Baranek Art - online gallery, oil and acrylic paintings, landscapes, abstracts, jewelry


I was born in St. Augustine, Florida, and spent a number of years in Charleston, S.C. as well as a few other places. Living in such beautiful, historic cities as St. Augustine and Charleston have really increased my appreciation for all things art related. As a child receiving art supplies was always one of the best gifts anyone could give me! After spending 10 plus years in the administrative field and wishing I could escape, I was finally able to direct more of my attention to art when we moved to Florida. Now we have moved to Tennessee and this area is truly an inspiration. We love it here. It has, however, taken some time to care for the many things involved in our changing life. Now I am once again in a better position to be able to create!

My education comes from reading and studying numerous books by many successful artists, visiting museums and shows and a LOT of practice and experimentation.

Over the years I've found myself trying different things and evolving from doing only realistic landscapes to more abstract representational as well as purely abstract works. Now I enjoy both and each has it's time and place. I do love color as well as texture and enjoy creating things at times that one can't see in the real world.

My paintings are in collections in a number of states as well as Canada and England. I have at times been involved in a number of online groups as well as local art leagues in Florida and local areas for exhibiting paintings.